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Horizon Fuel Cell Coming To Power Your Gadgets

  The promise of the portable fuel cell has been around for some time.  There has been promise of portable fuel cell technology for some time, but we have yet to see any come to market.  Horizon is promising the release of their fuel cell charger later in 2010.  Horizon is offering small packs to refill the fuel cell once empty that contain Hydrogen which is then converted to electricity.  

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N64 Mini Claims To Be The Smallest Chunky Portable Console Available

  The days when N64 was amazing and new have quickly passed, but if you don’t have that home console still hooked up and would like a more convenient way to play then here is your chance.  From the forums of the portable mod maker himself (Ben Heck), comes the N64 portable.  It is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the original experience, but with a somewhat bulky portableness.  The specs are as follows:

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nVidia Postpones Graphics Chip and Waits for MacBook


  The MacBook announcement or October Apple event was orignally slated for September 29th  and was moved to October 14th.  The nVida MCP7A-U was originally set to be announced on September 30th and now has been postponed to October 15th.  It is pretty obvious what is going on here, the real question is who is waiting for who.  This is a great sign for all those wanting to do away with the slow Intel graphics chipsets in their MacBooks.  So new MacBooks on the horizon is becoming more and more clear.


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