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SearchPerks Pays You To Search Using Microsoft’s Live Search


  Microsoft is really trying to get people to use their search on Live.com.  This time they have come up with a way to pay you using point that you can then later redeem for prizes.  You install a tracker on your PC and once you search you start earning points.  Microsoft has capped the search points you can earn to 25 per day.  Some of the prizes are an Xbox controller, music downloads and airline miles.  You can also search within hotmail or use msn as well to earn points. Not a bad deal just for searching using their service.

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Wave 3 of Windows Live to Offer IM

  Wave 3 is now being promoted for Windows Live Hotmail.  The changes are an IM client within Hotmail along with user interface changes that resemble Outlook more than webmail.  Live Hotmail will be integrated more closely with Calender and Messenger.  Now bringing windows live mail closer to Gmail.  Now if they would only offer Imap an Pop access for free like gmail we would be all set.


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