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Hulu Desktop App Gets Released For Mac


  Apparently I missed this one and then I was browsing some stories on TUAW that caught my eye.  For all of those who regularly watch TV online in one way or another, Hulu is at the top.  Hulu has just recently released an application for you desktop that gives you a nice clean interface for that sit-back-and-relax viewing.  If you haven’t already be sure to go check this out.  If you don’t like it then throw it in the trash, it’s free.  


[Hulu Desktop] (also available for Windows)

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iPhone 3.0 Apps, Now Have More Options


  Apple seems to be opening up the iPhone quite a bit and will be allowing the use of streaming video, audio and even in-game voie.  They showed off The Sims 3 and it used the iPhone iPod playlist to play music in the background.  TThey also showed off an ESPN app that streams video down due to connection quality.  Does this mean Hulu comes to iPhone, we hope so.


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