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You Love Your iPhone, Now Show Everyone Else Just How Much

  You knew something like this would come along at some point.  While walking about, working or going about your daily routine, why not show your love of iPhone or even iPod touch.  You can now sport these very fashionable iPhone/iPod Touch button earrings for everyone to see.  The price is reasonable, but we would imagine that only the absolute die hard fans would want to wear these, no?


Get your set now at [Powerbookmedic] for just $14.95

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New iPhone Air Concept Brings Hope To The Future


  A new concept photo shows what could be an iPhone of the future.  The "iPhone Air" as they call it, shows a very slim phone with iChat capability.  Many have wondered why Apple has left out iChat and instead left instant messaging to those of the App community.  We assumed maybe it was due to SMS, but maybe not? Video iChat on your iPhone would be quite a great idea, although we doubt its existence will be anytime soon. The form factor and look of this concept really look Apple-like, and may show what could be coming in the future.  Lets hope at least some of these ideas get implemented.

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Ebay Launching Environmentally Friendly Marketplace


  Ebay annouced Wednesday that it would be launching a new marketplace for the environmentally friendly shopper.  Ebay is trying to cash in on the estimated $206 billion of potential profit each year.  World of Good is dedicated to providing those who care about healthy living and the ethical treatment of workers, with a conglomerate of all that lies in this category of product.


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Vimpelcom to Provide Russia With iPhone 3G

  The 2nd largest carrier in Russia is Vimpelcom.  They will be providing the people of RUssia with access to the 3G iPhone  at a quite expensive $1000 with possible installment plans starting at $200.  "Thursday’s news comes after Apple launched the iPhone 3G in nearly two dozen markets on Tuesday. Some of the countries to receive the iPhone were Romania, Philippines, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, and India, among others."  

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