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iFixit Takes Apart The Palm Pre & Touchstone Dock


  We saw earlier today the innards of the Palm Pre.  iFixit has done their part and with their high res photos shows you not only the Pre, but what lurks inside the Touchstone charging dock as well.  The large coil of wires to power wirelessly appears to not be in the standard Pre, but when purchased you receive a different back to change out for the Touchstone charger.  CHeck out the full unboxing and teardown at iFixit.


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iFixit Takes Apart The New iMac


  Once again, when Apple releases a new products, iFixit is there to take it apart for all of our curious viewing pleasure.  Their three page disassembly instructions detail the innards of all that is the new iMac.  Definitely worth checking out and to come back to for reference once your Applecare expires and you should be in need.


[See the iMac disassembly]

[via Tuaw]

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Kindle 2 Gets Taken Apart – iFixit Does It Again


  When you want or need a part for your Mac, iFixit is there to help.  They offer guides of how to disassemble your Apple product and also how to install different components.  This time they are there to show us the innards of the favorite and crazily popular Kindle 2.  They offer a guide of the disassembly and quality pictures of what makes Amazon’s Kindle 2 tick.  


[iFixit – Kindle 2 – Tear-down]

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Old Apple Disk Drive holds Mac Mini Within


  Instead of waiting for that new Mac Mini to be released, why not do what Charles Mangin has done?  He has managed to displace the innards of his Mac Mini into an old 5 1/4 floppy drive.  In what is one of the most interesting uses of historical Apple hardware, Charles has managed to make use of his old defunct hardware by getting with the "Green" theme that so adorns Apple these days.  Follow the link to see the rest of the pics and enjoy such a retro device in your modern setting for all to be intrigued by.


[via technabob]

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