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Software Update: EFI & Airport

  If you have not checked for recent software updates on your Mac you may want to open it up and give it a go.  The 1.4 EFI update addresses noise made by the MacBook optical drive during startup.  The other update is 1.0 for Airport client and addresses the following:

An Inability to turn AirPort on or off in some cases after upgrading from Mac OS X Leopard.

An occasional loss of network connection when using Wake on Demand.

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AT&T Confirms Tethering Finally Coming iPhone


  The one thing many of us have wanted from their iPhone which other smart phones offer, is a way to connect your phone to a laptop and use ita internet connection.  There was one app which made an attempt at this, Netshare.  That app was quickly shut down by Apple (AT&T?).  So now comes comfirmation via the AT&T CEO, Ralph De La Vega, that tethering is coming to the iPhone.  All we can say is, it’s about time.  Mac Rumors also believes the tethering ability will be in the 2.2 firmware update.


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Apple Releasing Tethering App?

  A few weeks back Apple pulled Nullriver’s Netshare app from the iPhone app store.  This application allowed the use of the iPhone’s internet connection to be used to surf from a connected computer.  Today there is speculation that Apple could be releasing their own tethering app.  There were many a complaint about the removel of this app as there are many who would have purchased it.  Supposedly Steve Jobs himself (still alive) chose to respond to these complaints, writing: "We agree, and are discussing it with AT&T."


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