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New Apple Patent Explains A Tablet-Based Mac


  We have heard this about a thousand times now and Apple keeps denying it.  This is the fact that a tablet-based Mac is in the works.  There is no doubt Apple has been toying with the idea or has at least once, as they have a research department.  The new patent describes the following:



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Apple Admits Kane Kramer Invented the iPod


  Apple gave credit where credit is due when it comes to the inventor of the idea for music players like the iPod.  Apple used Kane Kramer in a lawsuit when they needed to prove who held the acknowledgment of iPod invention.  When Kane Kramer was just 23 years of age in 1979, he created the IXI.  The credit card sized device held 3.5 minutes of music on its internal chipset, which is pretty impressive given the technology of the day. Kane did envision that capacity would grow with time and he certainly had it right.  He did try and capitalize on the idea, but that fell thru given the timing of the device.


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