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iP2 And iP49 Join The iHome Dock Collection

  iHome keeps rolling out the new products at CES.  The iP2 was designed for those who like enjoy the high fidelity of their non-lossy music.  The iP2 was designed to be on the higher end of the audio spectrum with 50 Watts of power and Bongiovi Acoustics DPS.  This means is has a digital signal processor to automatically adjust the sound that best suits the current environment.  Secondly iHome has announced the iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System with Alarm Clock & FM Radio for your iPhone or iPod.

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Need A Quality HDMI Cable, but Don’t Want To Pay A Fortune? Check out Optimized Cable Co.

  There are so many cables that we use every day.  There are very expensive cables and then you can get the same cable for a fraction of the price.  The real question is, is the cheap cable any good or better?  When it comes to analog cables, less insulation generally means signal degradation.  With digital cables you normally do not experience signal interference over short distances.  This is questionable over long distances, but either way these cables can be good or bad.

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