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iPad Air Review

The latest addition to the iPad lineup takes the full size iPad and improves by making it thinner, lighter, and faster.  The iPad Air is really an incredible achievement when it comes to tablets.  The iPad Air now has a 64-bit...

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iPad Air Unboxing

Apple released the iPad Air today with a host of upgrades compared to the last generation. In keeping with the latest Apple products, the new iPad Air is aluminum and glass, with a very close resemblance to the iPad mini.  Check...

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iOS 7 User Guide: The Basics

With the release of iOS 7 comes many changes both visually and functionally.  In this guide I explain exactly how to use and get the most out of your latest iDevice wether that be the latest iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, or...

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iPad Smart Cover Long Term Review

The Apple Smart Cover for the iPad has been our for years now.  I have used cases and covers of just about very variety, but always end up using the Smart Cover. I thought I would share with you how they have held up for the...

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