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Next iPhone Has Been Spotted Virtually

  The ramp up to the next iPhone always appears to draw more near more quickly each year.  Although noone that we know has had the pleasure of laying eyes on the next iPhone, Pandev has seen the likes of it via an iPhone identifier never before gazed upon.  For example, when the iPhone 3GS was being field tested an identifier of iPhone2,1 was seen in October 2008.  This time Pandev has seen the iPhone3,1 identifier pop up since November of 2009.  Pinchmedia provides ana

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Top Brands in UK are Aston, Apple, and iPhone


  Marketing Week’s annual top brands poll shows the top 20 brands of the year.  The poll shows Aston Martin, iPhone and then Apple in the lead as the most recognized or beloved brands in the UK.  Apple in reality holds the 2 and 3 position with the brand and a product.  This shows the clout of the iPhone in its own right as its own established brand aside from the ever popular Apple brand.  See the top 20 after the jump…

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