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Jailbroken iPhones Get A Newer, More Malicious Virus

 For those who live in the Netherlands and happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, today is not so good of a day.  A new virus has come to the iPhone and this time it is specifically targeting those who do their banking while on the go.  The BBC is reporting on a Malicious Worm that invades and can gain control of the iPhone without any authentication, acting as a bot-net.

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The App Store Reaches 1 and has 1.5 Billion Downloads Served


  Smashing any expectations one might have had just over 1 year ago when the App Store launched, Apple has proved and created a hugely successful market for apps.  The recent news of an amazing 1.5 billion applications being downloaded in such a short time has completely shake the cell industry as to rethink what it should do next.  So far there has been no sign of a slowdown when it comes to the download rates.  Right now there are over 40 million iPhones in 77 different countries and that rate continues to grow rapidly. Here is to an amazing year and many more.


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iPhone 3.0 Recap Video


  It has been awhile since we last heard from Apple in a keynote and thought we would refresh your memory of what’s to come.  We are all excited about WWDC and what APple might show there as far as a new iPhone, SNow Leopard and maybe even new product, but lets look back at what is to come to all of our iPhones.  Take a look at the quick recap video of iPhone 3.0 and see what is promised to us so that we may be ever mindful that this is what Apple has planned for iPhone aside from all the rumors.

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Richard Solo 1800 Smart Battery Backup With Laser Pointer & LED Flashlight For iPod and iPhone: Video


We take a look at the latest battery backup from Richard Solo for our iPhones and iPods. This battery backup works with any iPod or iPhone and also has the added bonus of a laser pointer and LED Flashlight. This is quite a nice deal for what you get in the package.


[Richard Solo]

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AT&T iPhone Tethering Plan to Cost $30?


  The good news is that we are getting tethering for our iPhones in the near future.  The bad news is that we will most likely have to add $30 to the already high price per month we pay for our iPhones.  This will probably just force the tech savvy to use their jailbroken tethering methods instead of paying the same as they already pay for their iphone data plan.  You also could just get a new 3G enabled laptop which incorporates a sim card tray.


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Quake Coming To App Store In A Few Days


  Quake has long been available for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches, and now it is making it ways to un-jailbroken devices via the App Store.  The game was submitted and the process takes a few days to clear through Apple.  There is a catch to this though, if Apple decides not to allow the game it could prevent it from becoming available to all of us.  There is however, no reason it should not be allowed as id software has previously made Quake 3 available under General Public License

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