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OSX Leopard 10.5.7 This Friday?


  While we all wait for the next full version of OSX, Apple continues to update its current iteration of the OS.  The next big update, 10.5.7 will be released this Friday according to Mac|Life.  The next update will address a number of problems of which networking, bluetooth and syncing issues are just some of.  Until we get a peek at Snow Leopard in June, or so we suspect with WWDC, we will have to get these minor updates.  Be sure to check Friday for the update.

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Xserve Gets Updated To Nahalem


  After its surprise appearance on the Hong Kong Apple site, they have released the new Xserve.  The newest iteration of their server platform come with your choice of Quad-Core or 8-Core Nahalem processors, 3GB Ram and 160GB hard drive.  The new processors are more power efficient and offer some interesting specs when using all cores to their fullness.  Prices range from $2999 and $3599 and can be configured from there.



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New iPhone Concepts Show What Could Be In Our Future


  We all know now that Apple will be releasing a new iPhone and someone has taken it upon themselves to show us what a new iteration of the iPhone could be.  These photos show that the iPhone could have a very nice continuation of quality design all while changing the look of the top and bottom of the phone and changing the look of the camera.  The original creator also has some interesting concepts of what could be a netbook as well.  Be sure to check the other concepts they have [Here]

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