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Apple Has Done Cut and Paste Before, iPhone Should be Easy


  What is the most asked for feature on the iPhone?  You can bet that it is the simple ability to cut and paste from one document, browser, etc. to another.  No one is quite sure why Apple has not implemented the feature themselves before, but we do know they have said it is not a priority to them.  So today we have courtesy of boingboing a video of the Apple Newton using cut and paste.  The cut and past of the Newton is somewhat primitive, but it does the job.  Lets hope that Apple has this in store for the 2.1 firmware upgrade.

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Zune Moving From Platform to Environment?

  Zune is not just a platform, but an experience, or at least that is how Microsoft is seeing it.  Microsoft is looking for people to connect multiple devices with a Zune-like experience and seamlessly connect them with other devices within their portfolio.  Zune usually gets made fun of or gets a bad reputation mostly due in part that it is Microsoft trying to do their best at combating Apple.  However, if you have ever used a Zune you know it’s not a bad experience, just another device in an iPod compatible marketplace. 


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Cleanse Your Mac Securely with MacCleanse

  If you have ever needed to erase data securely you may want to try MacCleanse.  MacCleanse securely scans your system and erases the data of your choosing. "Whether you have been gift shopping online, discussing confidential business matters, visiting inappropriate web sites, or just wanted to clean out your system."  MacCleanse also is careful to not destroy the important information like others with a brute force style of getting the job done.  

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