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MacUpdate Holiday Promo, 10 Apps for $49


  Mac Update has a new deal for this Holiday season.  They are offering 10 applications for $49 and the first 5000 also get an 11th app, iDive.  This is a great deal if you need some apps for virus, diagnosis or optimization.  See the list after the Jump.  

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Apple Gives Details About Last MobileMe Update


  MobileMe has not been the most friendly of apps.  Apple has gone to great lengths to please their customers by offering them a total of 90 free days onto their existing year if they experienced the many outages.  Apple has now posted a technical bulletin outlining the updates that MobileMe received in late September.  Apple is usually very "hush-hush" about their updates and it is nice to see them branch out and let us in on what has really changed.  The updates for MobileMe cover the entire spectrum of the product from stabilization to improving the user experience.  See more after the jump…


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