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OLPC XO Give One, Get One, Now Live At Amazon


  The OLPC XO or One Laptop Per Child program is now live at Amazon.com.  The program allows you to purchase an XO OLPC for a child in a developong country and at the same time, you get one for yourself to enjoy.  The cost is $399 to partake in this international event, making you feel good for helping others and also allowing you to use what you have given.


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OLPC Offering Buy One Give One in November Again


  OLPC or One Laptop Per Child has been a going program/platform for a year or so now.  The original start of the program ushered in a deal in which you purchase an OLPC and you get one to give away.  The cost is $400 which covers $188 per laptop and shipping costs.  The program resumes on Amazon on November 17th. So if you still have not given or you just want a neat gadget to play with here is your chance.


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