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iPhone Video On The Way? Case Manufacturer Shows Listing For It.


  While there is always speculation about the upcoming changes to Apple’s hardware, the iPhone is a hard one to find new options on since the 3.0 software announcement.  There are multiple sources saying that the next generation of iPhone will have video recording capability built in and a better camera to go along with it to facilitate such a need.  The findings within the 3.0 software have confirmed there are revisions that Apple is working on, but what exactly those revisions are remains to be seen.  There was also published, some interesting features within 3.0 that show a "publish video" option as well.


We have found something interesting on the B2B site Alibaba. 

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More MacBook Pro Pictures Come to Life


  Here is another purported leak of the new MacBook’s that may be coming soon.  While we are not sure if this is the MacBook or MacBook Pro all of the leaks have one thing in common, which is the black surrounding the screen.  We can assume this is real as Apple has already done this with their iMac lineup.  Hopefully we find out more later this month.


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Is This the New Macbook or Macbook Pro?


  We are all expecting there to be a new revision of macbook or macbook pro or even both at the upcoming October event.  It is hard to tell if this is a picture of the new one, however the rumors state that the new macbook could be aluminum.  This picture shows a slightly different screen with black around it as opposed to the aluminum color.  It looks much more like the current iMac as far as the screen goes.  The keys also appear to be black in color and the top appears that way as well, but it could be the lighting.

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Leaked Macbook Pro Picture Posted


  Here we have what appears to be the new MacBook Pro that we have been hearing is supposed to be coming out any day now.  We are not certain this is actually a picture of the real thing, but given all the leaks from Apple as of late, there is a good possibility this is it.  We’ll have to wait and see, but it is a little suspect as the specs have not changed at all and only the picture has changed, unless this is the new Macbook and not the Pro.


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