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iPhone OS 4 on Its Way?

  Us Apple folk love our updates.  It seems Apple is fully aware and slowly dishes out fixes (no pun…) and features for us gradually over time.  I don’t know about you, but it has been a long time since we had a nice little iPhone update.  Don’t fear though, Apple is hard at work on their next update if this little image above is any hint.  Boy Genius Report has found a nice little log which mentions iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0.  We knew something had to be on i

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MMS Coming To iPhone This Friday


  AT&T said it would finally be turning on MMS for US customers.  On mid-day Friday you will be able to update your iPhone with new carrier setting which will enable MMS.  This has been a long time coming and has been hampered by the overwhelming iPhone sales and underwhelming network capability.  Lets hope we have enough bandwidth for such simple messaging capability come Friday.

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More Details On The New Mac Mini


  Thanks to TUAW we have some of the fine points of the much needed refresh to the Mac Mini.  The first thing is that the Superdrive will be SATA, so you can either keep the drive or add a second hard drive as an option.  The next detail is that the Mac Mini will look more like the Time Capsule with a lip on the side which encapsulates the optical drive and provides for cooling, which eliminates the need for the vents on the back. The new Mac Mini will also be black and aluminum, like the current lineup of Macs.  It has been a long time coming for a refresh and we assume other details such as a core 2 duo, an Nvidia 9400M and the capability for more RAM.  In a few weeks, we’ll all know for sure.


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3M Releases The Incredibly Small MPro110 Projector


  3M has released a new LED powered projector which can easily fit in your pocket and in the palm of your hand.  The MPro110 offers a VGA projection of up to 50 inches and comes in at less than a pound.  The projector accepts various inputs from a DVD, MP3 player or Laptop.  The MPro110 is available for $359.00 at your local electronics retailer.


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Palm Isn’t Dead, New Palm OS Emerges


  Palm has had a long following and most thought a new update was never to be seen.  Today a new OS from Palm has broken cover and comes from Access of which previously bought PalmSource after the .com crash.  ACCESS Linux Platform is the generic name of the OS and offers a lot of potential and hopefully it lives up to it. The question is, is this too little too late.  The platform may be coming to Japan this year, but don’t hold your breathe as this has been a long time coming.


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Safer Browsing for Kids at Askkids.com

 Askkids.com has just gone thru an overhaul.  The site is dedicated to help keep your kids away from what most people do not want their kids to have access to. Many people including myself have thought about the best ways to protect your kids from accidentally typing in or searching for that wrong term that brings them to content deemed inappropriate.  Ask.com has been around for some time and only commands 1.5-5% of the search market.  The plus side is they have been in the search market a long time and know their way round by now.

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