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Kyocera Hydro Elite Review

The Kyocera Hydro Elite isn’t the latest and greatest, it doesn’t have the best specs out there, but it does have one thing many others don’t, being waterproof.  After unboxing the phone, I turn it on under...

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Galaxy Note 3 Unboxing

The Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung brings quite a few improvements and some seriously impressive specs.  In this video we take a look the Verizon Galaxy Note 3, we look at what comes in the box and do a quick comparison with the...

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Moto X Review (Verizon)

The Moto X is the first to come from Motorola since being acquired by Google.  With the Moto X, the company decided to build the device in the United States and provide customization.  Moto X has middle of the road specs, but...

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