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Mac Bundle Box is Back With 12 Apps for $49


  If you missed out on the Mac Update bundle or Macheist bundle or you just like getting a good deal on apps, Mac Bundle Box is back.  For a mere $49 you get $458.59 worth of applications.  This time the applications differ for the most part from what had been out for some time with these bundles.  Not only is this a good deal, but they donate 10% of all bundle revenue to Charity: Water, an organization that brings fresh, clean drinking water to the one billion people on earth that don’t have access to it.

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MacHeist Offering Free Software For Christmas


  The MacHeist deal coming our way next, is free.  MacHeist normally offers you a bundle of software for a significantly reduced price, similar to Mac Update.  Yes it sounds too good to be true, but according to their site if you signup now and come back on Christmas day, you will be treated to free software.  There is no mention yet of what wonderfully free software awaits, but free is not a bad deal.  Get over to MacHeist now and signup for your free software.



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