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Apple Patents 3D Motion Control For Your Monitor

  The concept of this Apple patent is fairly simple.  The idea is that when you are looking at your monitor it will be more realistic to move your head around and look into the display, just like you would do out a window.  The whole idea is based on using your computer either hands free or with minimal input. You can essentially just look around as though your monitor was one big window.  

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Next Gen Matte Finish iPhone Compared With Current 3G iPhone


  MacRumors has obtained a new photo which compares what is believed to be the back of the new iPhone.  The new iPhone back is in a matte finish that we have seen before.  Other than that, there is no more information.  We can kind of get an idea of the new iPhone design from the bezel and now the matte back. Not much difference in design, but some changes nonetheless.  The back would certainly be much less prone to scratching.

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AT&T Confirms Tethering Finally Coming iPhone


  The one thing many of us have wanted from their iPhone which other smart phones offer, is a way to connect your phone to a laptop and use ita internet connection.  There was one app which made an attempt at this, Netshare.  That app was quickly shut down by Apple (AT&T?).  So now comes comfirmation via the AT&T CEO, Ralph De La Vega, that tethering is coming to the iPhone.  All we can say is, it’s about time.  Mac Rumors also believes the tethering ability will be in the 2.2 firmware update.


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New Leaked MacBook Pic Missing Button on Trackpad


  Another leaked pic of tomorrows MacBook has come to our attention.  The picture is of the new MacBook and shows a normal trackpad, but is lacking a button for the mouse.  Per Engadgets post "metal and glass" enclosure now houses an NVIDIA GPU, but no FireWire 400, and video-out is apparently through a connector "more compact" than MicroDVI.


UPDATE:  According to MacSoda "They’re fake everyone! JR, the man behind these pictures, had another “leak” not too long ago… and we all know how that turned out!"

               This means the glass trackpad could be a reality or just wishful thinking…

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