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iTunes 9 Gets Released With Much Needed Improvements


  iTunes 9 is available for download now with a bunch of features that were surprisingly absent for some time. The first feature that has been absent for some time is a home sharing feature.  This allows you to share and transfer files between home Pc’s and Macs.  iTUnes LP gives you a visual experience like that of the old Record Albums (ask your parents).  APple has also redesigned the iTunes Store, and now when you download a movie you get the extras you would with a DVD.  They have also created Genius mixes which searches all of your music and mixes them to match.  There are many other features which are available now for download via software update or apple.


[Download iTunes 9]

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Software Update: Safari Public Beta


  I wasn’t sure this was actually a new update until I checked both Macs in my home as there was so little information to go off of.  Basically this is a typical security update available for those who installed Safari Beta 4.  Apple says nothing else about the update and it is available via software update.



This update is recommended for all users of the Safari 4 Public Beta and includes the latest security updates.

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Happy 25th Birthday Apple!!


  Today marks the 25th anniversary of the company many of us aspire to be a part of or own.  It has been an interesting 25 years if you go and review the history of the company.  From the humble beginnings of the original Apple Computer to the inspiration that iMacs, MacBook’s and iPods are today, we wish Apple happy 25th and many more.


Some Great Resources for Mac History:


Mac Tracker – A program that catalogs all Macs throughout the years.


Lowendmac – This is a great place to view all things from the past to the present on Mac


Mac History – Another great site with pictures and history of the Macs of old to the present.


There are also plenty of videos on youtube which show keynotes and product announcements and anything else you could think of.


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Netflix Streaming Finally Comes To Mac


  Netflix has long allowed its PC users to stream their online selection via Windows and soon the Xbox 360.  The same has not held true for the Mac as we thought Netflix would eternally neglect the ability.  Now you can finally watch the streaming video on your Mac, but that comes with an ironic catch.  Netflix has decided to stream via Microsoft’s competitor to flash, Silverlight.  Silverlight is a very capable platform and was used by NBC during the Bejing Olympics.  Since then, NBC has dumped Silverlight in favor of its traditional flavor of Flash. 


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The Best Hookup for iTunes

  Have you ever wanted to listen to music at work but you forgot the music at home on your computer.  If you have a Mac you can now stream your library from home or school or wherever you are on a network using HookUp.  You simply enable sharing on your host machine and setup a username and password.  You enter the the ip (provided by Hookup) and the username/password.  Your share then shows up on the computer you are listening from.  You could do this with 10 Macs all at once all in different locations.  You can also download files from the host pc if you wanted it on your own Mac.  When you have the chance, this is definitely worth a look. [Download]

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Live Mesh, The Cloud brought to you by Microsoft

For anyone familiar with online storage or synchronization of stored files. The soon to be next in line is Live Mesh.  Live Mesh has been around for a little while but is offered for tech preview as it is still in its infancy. Live Mesh offers online storage and synchronization with a nice interface and easy to use setup.  Currently the storage cap is at 5GB and allows a vista-esque style interface with the typical windows and folders.  You can upload your files for storage or you can have devices synchronize automatically when updated.

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