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Next iPhone Has Been Spotted Virtually

  The ramp up to the next iPhone always appears to draw more near more quickly each year.  Although noone that we know has had the pleasure of laying eyes on the next iPhone, Pandev has seen the likes of it via an iPhone identifier never before gazed upon.  For example, when the iPhone 3GS was being field tested an identifier of iPhone2,1 was seen in October 2008.  This time Pandev has seen the iPhone3,1 identifier pop up since November of 2009.  Pinchmedia provides ana

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Macworld 2010 Announced For Feb. 9-13


  The show will continue despite the absence of Apple’s presence.  Just a couple of months ago yielded our last view as Macworld as the yearly announcement preference of the Apple brand.  The 2010 expo will continue despite the rumors of it fading away into nothing.  The sessions should be about the same and although we can no longer count on Macworld for new products, you can bet Apple will have some things to show sometime around that time frame.



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Apple Now Showing Off HTML5 and CSS3


  Safari 4 has been out for a week or more now and you eigther love it or you have gone back to Firefox at this point.  The one thing not mentioned much is that Safari 4 supports HTML5 and CSS3.  HTML 5 now allows support for audio and video tags, which in turn allows much easier video and audio integration into ones website.  CSS 3 is also being supported by the browser which allows dynamic shadows and reflections within the browser itself.  Lets hope Apple touches more on this during the March 24th event.


For an example of HTML5 and CSS3, see Apple’s very quick demo [here]

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Steve Jobs Takes A Break Until June


  It is no mystery what Steve Jobs has been through as far as health is concerned.  After his recent letter explaining some of his health issues and why he missed MacWorld, Steve has once again let Apple employees know of his whereabouts.  Lets hope all goes well and he returns as planned.The following is from the letter sent to his employees:



Apple CEO Steve Jobs today sent the following email to all Apple employees:


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LG Signs Deal With Apple For Their Displays


  Apple has signed a deal with LG for their display technology.  The deal begins with a payment from Apple of $500 million and will last 5 years.  The implications for both companies could be quite large.  LG will benefit in obvious ways, but Apple may benefit from a more cost effective display for a more pocket-friendly cinema display or maybe even their own TV’s, which had been rumored in the past..  The details at this point are sparse, but it will be interesting to see what product changes, if any come from this deal in the future.

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Apple To Attend CES 2010


  As anyone who follows Apple news knows, Apple has left MacWorld for good.  Although still technically a rumor, many people have been confirming that Apple will be moving to CES in 2010.  This may sound bad to the many who attend MacWorld, but is a great change to bring two separate shows to one venue.  Instead of having to choose or rush from one to another, everyone can now go to Las Vegas for CES instead.  The interesting part is Apple is saying January is not an idea product announcement time for their current plans. They may have said this just to make MacWorld feel better about the loss of Apple.  Either way this should turn out to be an interesting year.


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Apple Releases iWork 09′


  Apple has updated iWork today at MacWorld.  In Keynote, you can set up objects in slides, and the software will do the work in moving objects between slides. With magic move, it’ll transition whichever object you want automatically, like rotating and resizing.  There are also new transitions for you keynote, such as "crane move", which shows you fly around your slide and land in front of you.


You can now buy Keynote Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch which allows remote keynote presentations on said device.

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Apple Releases iLife 09′


 Today at MacWorld Apple released their new iLife 09′ suite of applications.  They have added quite a few features to iMovie such as image stabilization, geo tagging and different film styles.  iPhoto receives geo tagging and facial recognition, which recognizes faces ad allows you to tag them. Finally, Garageband was updated to include music lessons from various stars such as Sting, Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan.  The app ships free with all new Macs and is $79 for single user and $99 for the family pack.


iPhoto ’09

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