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Microsoft Abandons One-Care For Free Alternative

  The two year venture of Windows Live One-Care $50 Subscription Based service is going to be abandoned in favor of a new free alternative code-named "Morro".  Microsoft has really been trying to improve its image as of late, due to the mostly untrue accusations about Vista.  The compamy has had an open ear lately when it comes to bettering its image and is also offering this free alternative to protect from the viruses, spyware and malware provided by internet meanies.  The software will not be included in Windows 7 when it launches in late 2009, but will be a

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Spore’s DRM is Unevolved


  Spore, one of the most anticipated games to come out recently, now has a new following of hate growing around the way the game implements DRM.  Digital Right Management is on just about every piece of software in one way or another, but the methods Spore is using is a bit overstepping the boundaries.  The DRM on Spore is provided by securom.  Securom is sometimes referred to as malware or a virus in that it installs itself to your computer and modifies the CD-ROM’s q-channel in order to make a protected original distinguishable from a copy.  


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