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8-Bit Trip Brings Stop Motion Brilliance Together WIth Legos and The Past


  If you are like me and grew up in the now vintage era of 8-bit gaming, then you won’t want to miss this masterpiece of stop motion.  The combined lego with the past is one of the best stop motions we have ever seen.  How the creator of this video has the time to make such a comprehensive and lengthy video is beyond me, but we are all grateful for the dedication this must have taken.

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Download Spore, Now Wait to Play

  Spore, forever in the making is now available to download if you pre-ordered, but there is a catch.  You can download the game but you cannot play it until the official release on September the 7th.  So if the forever long development cycle and previews have not driven you nuts enough, you can now have the game on your system with your trigger button ready to activate.  


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