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Apple Updates The MacBook Pro Family

Apple today has brought out a refresh for their MacBook Pro lineup.  The new MacBooks no longer contain Core 2 Duo processors, but have instead moved to the Core i5 and i7 family ranging from 2.4GHz to 2.66GHz.  Aside from the...

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Apple’s A4 Processor Dissected

The obsession over the iPad is certainly on the level of insanity.  For those who still cannot get enough, iFixit has taken the liberty of removing the A4 processor from the circuit board, dismantling it and inspecting it...

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iPhone 3.0 Recap Video


  It has been awhile since we last heard from Apple in a keynote and thought we would refresh your memory of what’s to come.  We are all excited about WWDC and what APple might show there as far as a new iPhone, SNow Leopard and maybe even new product, but lets look back at what is to come to all of our iPhones.  Take a look at the quick recap video of iPhone 3.0 and see what is promised to us so that we may be ever mindful that this is what Apple has planned for iPhone aside from all the rumors.

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How To: Upgrade the Memory in an Aluminum iMac


  To start off our series of How-to videos that we will have under a new section soon, we thought we would show you one of the most simple, yet effective and inexpensive ways to ad speed to your Mac.  We purchased the memory from newegg.com and it was only about $40 shipped for 4GB, ddr667 memory.  Watch the video for all the details and check back for more how-to’s in the future.

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