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Microsoft Spending $8 Billion to Play Catchup in the Cloud


  Microsoft announced today that it is spending $8 Billion on R&D to be the best there is in cloud computing.  The recent availability of cloud storage and sync via Live Mesh is just the start of what Microsoft has planned.  It appears that Microsoft has really started to understand that the future of the where files and data is stored seems to be changing.  Google has had their focus on cloud computing and Microsoft wants a bigger piece of the pie.  

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Next Windows Home Server To Get a UI Refresh Like Time Machine


  Microsoft is hiring once again and this time it is for a passionate person looking to help create a user interface(UI), similar or close to the UI of Apple’s Time Machine.  The team wants someone to make backing up as simple as Time Machine,  but also incorporate Live Mesh into it as well.  Home Server could arguably be one of the best operating systems and interfaces it has ever made and it is nice to see them continuing to progress in the right direction,  Although Time Machine has been referred to as some of the worst UI for Apple.


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