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PSP Go Revealed – Little Big Planet & Metal Gear Solid In The Works


  There have been rumors of a new PSP for quite awhile.  We have been disappointed by revisions of the original, but now we have something new.  Just prior to E3 the PSP Go was revealed.  It has a slide down control area, but lacks the dual analog sticks we all have wanted for so long.  On an episode of Qore, the PSP Go was officially revealed.  In the trailer was Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid.  There are no official specs at this time, but we are sure to hear something on Tuesday when Sony has their E3 press conference.  If you have a PS3, you can go jump on and watch Qore or got to PSN in your browser [Here]

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Kojima Gives A Hint At The Next Metal Gear


  After adoring and faithfully playing the series of Metal Gear, it was sad to see the end of Solid Snake, or at least the end of the current story line.  That being said, Kojima said that this is the end of the Solid Snake line of Metal Gear but not the end of Metal Gear itself.  Now Kojima Productions is teasing the next version of Metal Gear with a simple "A Next Metal Gear is…" on their site.  So far this is all we know, but we do know there is one in the works.  So we all now anxiously await (if you like Metal Gear) the future of what Metal Gear will become.  This could just mean it is moving or coming to Xbox 360…!


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