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Apple Acquires Quattro Wireless

  Apple has again acquired a new property of which is an Ad network for mobile devices.  Not surprising given the amount of apps that have been sold in such a quick time.  This is a wise and profitable way for Apple to continue to increase its large pockets into the Scrooge McDuck like vault.  According to Quattro nothing is changing as of yet, except for ownership.

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MMS Finally Joins The iPhone on AT&T


  So you have MMS finally after two and a half years…  This is the experience I love and hate about iPhone.  Everyone who has had an iPhone has suffered at one time or another from the realization that our incredibly advanced phone, iPod and web browser-in-one lacks the simplest of features.  As much as I love my iPhone, the longer I have AT&T, the more I want to move to another carrier.
I know AT&T has been overwhelmed by the success of the iPhone and how it taxes their network, but to not allow a simple feature such as MMS is just crud.  I’m holding out to see what Apple does once their AT&T contract is up and am planning to move off this horrid experience that is AT&T. 

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MMS Coming To iPhone This Friday


  AT&T said it would finally be turning on MMS for US customers.  On mid-day Friday you will be able to update your iPhone with new carrier setting which will enable MMS.  This has been a long time coming and has been hampered by the overwhelming iPhone sales and underwhelming network capability.  Lets hope we have enough bandwidth for such simple messaging capability come Friday.

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MMS Finally Coming To iPhone September 25th


  The one feature strangely missing from the incredible iPhone is MMS.  Everyone has MMS except iPhone and this has caused some confusion and anger amongst its users.  AT&T has explained all of this in a press release from today.  The network was to blame and they admit this to their credit.  Finally a simple feature gets added this month.  Read the press release after the jump:

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