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It’s Official, Chrome OS Coming Second Half of 2010


  We knew it was coming and hoped for an early beta.  Either way we will be getting Chrome OS next year.  The operating system is like many suspected and meant to integrate seamlessly with the cloud.  The OS will integrate the suite of Google apps along with a very lightweight, open source platform.  The x86 and ARM platforms are both supported thus leading us to believe it could be on some very hand mobile devices.  Late 2010 or about a year from now we will be sure to try it out and let you know if it is worth the upgrade or change.

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Ferrari Gives Us Images & Ringtones For iPhone – 458 Italia


  Who doesn’t like Ferrari?  Yes there are some out there who are not fans, but they are few and far between.  With the upcoming release of the 458 Italia comes desktop wallpaper, a screensaver,  and ringtones for your iPhone.  While there is no doubt the 458 Italia is beautiful, most of us will never get the luxury of owning such an expensive vehicle.  If you would like to experience a little bit of it though you can head over to the Ferrari site and download ringtones for your iPhone and other mobile devices as well as Mac and PC.  Hopefully more companies will get it and give us the same downloads for their cars for us who love our cars.


[Ferrari 458 Italia]

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Ballmer Confirms Zune Integrating With Windows Mobile


  Ballmer has been letting a lot slip lately with the notification of "Windows Cloud" and now with Zune coming to Windows Mobile.  In an effort to make Zune the player of choice for windows users, Microsoft is integrating their services and social aspects of all products into one convenient place.  Now for users of Windows Mobile you will have access to all your songs and media.  


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