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Zune HD made official, sans HD and gaming hardcore’ness


  Microsoft made official today that Zune HD is indeed imminent, with a release expected sometime in the 4th quarter of 2009. Some of the details strike me as a bit curious, however, most notably the lack of built-in 

HD video output capability; that will require an optional docking station, not included. Considering its quoted

display resolution isn’t that much better than non-HD mobile devices, I find its "HD" classification to be a bit

of a stretch, to say the least (unless you consider the built-in HD radio receiver a good justification for the 



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Spore Origins Now Available on The App Store


  The new mobile version for iPhone and iPod Touch of Spore is now available on the App store for your gaming pleasure.  The game is like a mini version of the larger game and has 2 game modes, Survival and Evolution.  There is not a need to say more as you probably know all about it if Spore interests you.  So get creating, or evolving, or whichever way you look at it for $9.99


Get it [Here]

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