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New iPhone Just Around The Corner?


  The latest update to the iPhone firmware hints at a new model in the works.  Within the code Apple has always used different numbers to represent the iPhone models.  For example,  "iPhone 1,1" is the original iPhone while the 3G iPhone is labeled "iPhone 1,2".  The new label is now "iPhone 2,1", and confirms a change is coming soon.  If Apple is using the same schedule it has used for the past couple of iPhone releases, then we could count on a June or July release. 


Mac Rumors also notes that:


"Meanwhile, at least one developer has noticed actual "iPhone2,1" models in use based on PinchMedia ad serving reports. (Other numbers blurred out)."


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Walmart To Sell $99 iPhone ?


  We already know that Walmart is going to be selling the iPhone in their stores this month.  The one thing we did not know is they may be selling a 4GB version of the iPhone 3G for $99.  The first iPhone came in 4GB and 8GB.  Apple later did away with these models for 8GB and 16GB models.  A 4GB model may not appeal to those who already have an iPhone, but it may appeal greatly with those who do not yet have the iPhone. It has been said by analysts in the past that iPhone could feasibly be sold for $99, so this is definitely likely.


[via MacRumors]

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Microsoft Lowers The Price Of The Zune For The Holiday



  Microsoft has cut the price of the Zune today, making the 4GB version come in under $100 at just $99.  They have also lowered the rest of teh models as well.  The 8GB model will drop by $10 to $139, and the 16GB model will sell for $179, down from $199.  The Zune is turning out to be a great buy for those who do not prefer an iPod.


[via cnet]

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nVidia Leaks MacBook?


  If you venture over to nVidia’s site, they have a promotional page that shows this photo and says they are "optimizing the notebook".  This certainly is a MacBook, but does not look exactly like the current models.  We o know the new MacBooks will have nVidia chipsets in them, but we doubt that Apple would allow them to show this off unless of course Apple doesn’t know.


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Slingbox Slings 2 New Slingboxes Our Way


  The new Slingbox Pro HD and Slingbox Slingcatcher are now up for pre-sale.  The cost is $299 for each and there is no mention of the ship date as of this time.  If you are not familiar, Slingboxes allow you to watch your cable or satellite service remotely over the internet.  Definitely worth check these out along with their other models if this is up your alley.


[via Zatnotfunny

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