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MoneyWiz Review

We take a look at MoneyWiz for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac.  This application is one of my most used applications on my devices.  It has allowed me to switch to using just the iPad or Mac and when I want to see my balance on...

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Happy Windows 7 Day!


  Windows 7 is officially among us.  The long awaited Vista replacement/upgrade is a significant step in the right direction for the Operating system.  Windows has met the maturity of OSX and the differentiation is more of a preference than that of security and stability.  Windows has driven me to long nights and near insanity in the past with its numerous bugs and whatnot.  This time there has been little hair pulling since the first beta was made available.  Now we can all rest for awhile and have a worthy succesor to XP.  If you’re in the market for multiple PC’s or copies for Boot Camp on your Mac then check out the $149.00 family pack and save yourself some money.

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MacBook Air Only $999 Refurbished On Apple.com


  If you have been wanting a MacBook Air from the get-go and have not had the money or thought it too expensive, Apple is offering it to you for just $999 refurbished.  The great thing about Apple refurbished items is they carry the exact same warranty as their new products.  This eliminates your risk and makes it worth the waiting you have had to endure.  See the specs below and get one while you can.


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LaCie CurrenKey Brings You A Flash Drive As Good As Money


  The new flash drive from LaCie has combined the styling of money with the convenience and storage of a USB flash drive.  The new CurrenKey comes with 4GB or 8GB of flash memory and is available in bronze or silver.  The drives are available now, starting at $24.99 and up and is larger than a penny at 36 x 9 mm, but certainly adds to the appeal of a flash drive.


[via LaCie]

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iTunes Could Close, Threatens Apple


  If a ruling passes this week it could force music sellers to pay publishers more money.  The increase would be from 9 cents to 15 cents, and although that does not seem like much, when put in perspective it is quite the chunk of change.  The millions sold every day make this number a great one and a threat to the cost we pay and Apple pays to their publishers.

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NBC Already Has 1 Million Downloads on Itunes Since Return


  NBC has come back to iTunes as most know and for good reason.  In the short time they have been back, 1 million downloads have been made from NBC and their different properties.  They must have noticed that it is not a good idea to try and compete with Itunes at this time and they were loosing a lot of potential cash.  Now if only they would realize they would make more money if they charged less, we would be all set.


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Apple Admits Kane Kramer Invented the iPod


  Apple gave credit where credit is due when it comes to the inventor of the idea for music players like the iPod.  Apple used Kane Kramer in a lawsuit when they needed to prove who held the acknowledgment of iPod invention.  When Kane Kramer was just 23 years of age in 1979, he created the IXI.  The credit card sized device held 3.5 minutes of music on its internal chipset, which is pretty impressive given the technology of the day. Kane did envision that capacity would grow with time and he certainly had it right.  He did try and capitalize on the idea, but that fell thru given the timing of the device.


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