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iPod Touch Gets A Memory Update Without a Camera


  One of the shockers of the APple event today was that the update iPod Touch was lacking a camera.  The nano gets the camera, but not the Touch?  This was something that was almost written in stone.  Maybe it was due to supply issues?  Either way they gave the Touch a price cut, but added some serious flash memory option which now go up to 64GB.  They also updated the processor speeds inside the Touch.  Th 8GB model is now $199, 32GB $299 and the 64GB is $399.  


[iPod Touch]

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September 9th Event Confirmed


  The rumors have been around for a few weeks that an upcoming Apple event would be coming soon.  As usual Apple has chosen an early fall date to focus once again on music.  We would expect a new lineup of iPods, both touch and nano and maybe even a "One More Thing" announcement.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted to any other rumors around this event.

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September 9th Confirmed for Apple Event

  Apple sent out the official invitations on Tuesday for their next event.  On September 9th as we had previously expected, Apple will gather its followers to reveal something new other than the Nano we already expected.  


The Event says "Lets Rock", which we assume means new iPods and hopefully the subscription service for music.  We’ll be sure to cover the event so check back.


[via Arstechnica]

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