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Apple Announces Top App Store Apps


  Apple has announced the top apps downloaded for 2008.  The list is fairly long, but the top is mainly filled with games and social apps.  Unsurprisingly, Facebook, AIM, Google Earth, Enigmo and Super Monkey Ball are among the top of the list.  The page listing the top apps in iTunes consists of 120 different applications and are broken down into top games, utilities etc.  With the NDA lifted and experience in development growing, we should see some great apps in 2009.


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Apple Branching Out To Help Developers in World Tour


  Via an email Apple has sent out, they will be traveling the globe to bring iPhone application development expertise to a city near you.  Since Apple has recently lifted their NDA, they have obviously seen the importance in committing to the ever growing iPhone App Community.  The email provides you with a link to register for a developer session with Apple insiders.


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