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More Proof of iPod Nano & iPod Touch Coming Soon With A Camera


  There have been rumors for some time of a new camera equipped iPod Touch and iPod Nano coming soon.  Cult of Mac has gathered photos of just about every case you can imagine that shows holes for cameras cut into them.  It appears that the camera in the iPod Touch will be centered on the device while the camera on the Nano is offset to the side.  It is hard to se what other feature could come with a new iPod, but if you have been debating an iPod upgrade then you might want to wait and see what the next generation iPod will have to offer.  We should be able to expect new iPods in the September timeframe assuming Apple follows its previous Keynote timeline. 

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miShare Copies Songs iPod To iPod Without a Computer

  So you have an old iPod and you have your new iPod just out of the packaging and you need to move all of your songs over, miShare can do this without the hassle of a computer.  This little device lets you attach an iPod to each side of it and then simply transfer a song or albums with the touch of a button.  The one catch is if you have DRM’d songs and you want to move them over to the new device, you have to authorize that iPod with your computer. 

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Last Minute News For Apple Tommorow


  Mac Rumors has posted a few details about the upcoming products to be announced.  The New iPod Nano will receive more memory from the current 4 and 8 GB to the now 8 and 16GB.  There will also be 9 colors for the Nano which will include purple, yellow and orange on top of the current colors.  There is some sort of update for the iPod touch , but it does not include more memory.


The event continues to draw near…

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