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Dell Selling Your Next OSX Ready Mini 9 For $199 For 24 Hours


  You have been waiting for a deal like this to push you over the edge in getting a hackintoshable netbook that also has the benefit of being update-able when running OSX.  The Dell Mini-9 is available for $199 for the next 22 hours or so or until 11:59PM on March 25th.  Get it while you can and make sure to have a couple USB thumb drives and a Leopard install disc to get your new Mac…I mean Dell, up and running.


[Dell – Mini-9]

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New Mac Mini Gets Disassembled and Upgraded By iFixit

  We posted a disassembly pic of the new Mac Mini the other day and today iFixit takes it apart and gives you step-by-step instructions so you can do the same.  They are also offering an upgarde kit for $250 which gives you 1TB of storage by installing two 2.5, 500GB drives and removing the optical drive.  See their site for all the details and be sure to checkout the upgrade kit should you need such an upgrade yourself.


[Mac Mini Disassembly]


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Old Apple Disk Drive holds Mac Mini Within


  Instead of waiting for that new Mac Mini to be released, why not do what Charles Mangin has done?  He has managed to displace the innards of his Mac Mini into an old 5 1/4 floppy drive.  In what is one of the most interesting uses of historical Apple hardware, Charles has managed to make use of his old defunct hardware by getting with the "Green" theme that so adorns Apple these days.  Follow the link to see the rest of the pics and enjoy such a retro device in your modern setting for all to be intrigued by.


[via technabob]

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Leaked Video of The New Mac Mini?


 The other day we were blessed with what we thought was a possible look at the new Mac Mini.  The design had not changed much, but the ports did with the addition of a mini Display Port.  We were not sure it was the real thing, but this video shows the same Mac Mini with the same ports.  The design is sadly, unchanged, but at least it looks like an update is nearly upon us.


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New Mac Mini Photo Leaked?


  For almost a year or so we have been hearing rumors of a new Mac Mini being dropped upon us.  So far we have all been in utter disappointment at the lack of care the wee little Mac has received as compared with the rest of the Mac line.  Apple Insider has found what they believe to be an early photo of the new Mac Mini.  As rumored, the photo shows the two separate display port options, both mini DVI and mini Display Port.  Lets hope our little friend will gets the recognition it deserves soon.


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Apple Releases iWork 09′


  Apple has updated iWork today at MacWorld.  In Keynote, you can set up objects in slides, and the software will do the work in moving objects between slides. With magic move, it’ll transition whichever object you want automatically, like rotating and resizing.  There are also new transitions for you keynote, such as "crane move", which shows you fly around your slide and land in front of you.


You can now buy Keynote Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch which allows remote keynote presentations on said device.

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More Details On The New Mac Mini


  Thanks to TUAW we have some of the fine points of the much needed refresh to the Mac Mini.  The first thing is that the Superdrive will be SATA, so you can either keep the drive or add a second hard drive as an option.  The next detail is that the Mac Mini will look more like the Time Capsule with a lip on the side which encapsulates the optical drive and provides for cooling, which eliminates the need for the vents on the back. The new Mac Mini will also be black and aluminum, like the current lineup of Macs.  It has been a long time coming for a refresh and we assume other details such as a core 2 duo, an Nvidia 9400M and the capability for more RAM.  In a few weeks, we’ll all know for sure.


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New iMacs, Mac Mini November 10th, New Mac Pros at MacWorld Rumor


UPDATE:  “Our holiday line-up is set,” Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Macworld


We have some new rumors surrounding Apple and what they intend to do in the near future.  Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News has said that November 10th is the date of the iMac refresh of which is just expected a bump in specs and display power.  The other interesting refresh comes in the way of a new Mac Mini.  We have heard there would be a refresh, then it was put in the trash bin and now it comes back refreshed on the same date as the iMac.  The other tidbit is about a new Mac Pro coming at this years MacWorld Expo.  The Mac Pro is up on specs right now, but lacks the most current hardware and the new "Display Port" for the new cinema display line which makes this a very plausable rumor.


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Apple Releases 2 New Mac Switcher Ads, Bashes Windows


  Apple recently released two new Mac switcher ads and this time bashes Vista for their advertising campaign in 1 ad and the second makes fun of them not referring to Vista as an OS, but refers to it just as Windows.  You have to give it to these guys in their persistant attack on Vista as it seems the ads are paying off.  Microsoft needs to come out with a counter ad to Apple, which makes them look good and not come off as copying what Apple has already done.  Microsoft should just incorporate their ads from their CES keynotes that they use internally and actually gain some ground.


[Ad 1]

[Ad 2]

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