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New 13inch MacBook Pro Gets The Disassembly Treatment


  The new MacBook Pro has some interesting value-add features that we don’t want to just hear about, but some of us want to see as well.  iFixit is at it again with full disassembly pictures of the newest MacBook to join the Pro line.  See everything in all its component glory over at iFixit.  Now if we only had the ability to get our own to take a look at without using that lovely Juniper Visa from Apple…

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MacBook Pro Requires Logout For Video Switching


  The new MacBook Pro is something of a classic at this point when you consider the design has not changed that much in years. The one new thing that is very different from before is the dual video processors within the Pro.  The new MacBook allows you to switch between processors to allow for better graphics power or better battery performance.  The one bad thing about this process is you have to logout of the MacBook once you switch and then back in.  


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