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New MacBooks Now In The Refurbished Apple Store


  The new MacBook and MacBook Pro have made an appearance in the refurbished store on Apple’s site.  The 13-inch Aluminum MacBook are selling for $1,099 and $1,399, while the one MacBook Pro available is $2,099.  The refurbished MacBooks come with all accessories and the 1-year limited warranty of the new MacBooks.  Get them while you can.



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Mac Mini Still Alive and Getting A Refresh


  We thought the Mac Mini was gone for sure when rumors of its imminent death were rampant.  Now there are reports that it is still alive and kicking and indeed getting a refresh. 


The refresh is rumored to be getting the following updates:


1.  A new Mini DisplayPort like the new MacBooks.


2.  The Mac Mini will be able to address up to 4GB of Ram


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Today’s MacBooks Have A Few Confirmations


  The MacBooks being released later today have a few confirmations from Daring Fireball we thought we would share:


1.  The trackpad on the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are indeed buttonless and are interestingly made of glass.

2.  MacBook Air will be updated with a 120GB drive or a 128GB SSD.

3.  MacBook and MacBook Pro will be available with a Glossy-only screen

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New Leaked MacBook Pic Missing Button on Trackpad


  Another leaked pic of tomorrows MacBook has come to our attention.  The picture is of the new MacBook and shows a normal trackpad, but is lacking a button for the mouse.  Per Engadgets post "metal and glass" enclosure now houses an NVIDIA GPU, but no FireWire 400, and video-out is apparently through a connector "more compact" than MicroDVI.


UPDATE:  According to MacSoda "They’re fake everyone! JR, the man behind these pictures, had another “leak” not too long ago… and we all know how that turned out!"

               This means the glass trackpad could be a reality or just wishful thinking…

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New MacBooks With Part Numbers and Prices Leaked, 8 in All


  The prices have been leaked along with their model numbers.  The picture was said to be taken from an Apple store of the incoming inventory for tomorrow.  As you can see the prices range from $899.00 to $2799.00.  We are assuming that this means the new MacBooks will be available tomorrow.  We will have one here to take a look at if they are indeed in stores tomorrow so be sure to check back.


UPDATE:  Boy Genius Report Has Confirmed That this is the Real Pricing For Tomorrows MacBooks


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What To Expect For Tuesday’s Apple Event


  Apple will be holding their event in Cupertino, California tomorrow morning at 10am Pacific, 1PM Eastern as most of you know.  There is one thing we know for sure about the event as Apple has already notified us of the upcoming notebooks.  


The upcoming notebooks have been revamped with a nice "Brick" of Aluminum.  We can see below what the new notebooks will look like as far as their trackpad and keyboard are concerned. 


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iLife ’09 To Be Released On Tuesday


  According to MacSoda, one of the announcements to accompany the new MacBooks will be iLife ’09.  They have no details, but do claim it to be in accordance with the iMac released of last year.  Previously iLife is on a 2 year cycle, so we are not so sure this is an accurate rumor.  It certainly would be a nice surprise, but what about showing off some more of Snow Leopard?



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