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Toshiba Makes 10 Minute Recharge a Reality With Super Ion Battery


  Toshiba has shown us a new technology that allows you to recharge your battery to 90% capacity in just 10 minutes.  The battery dubbed SCiB or "Super Charge ion Battery" is not yet available, but certainly could revolutionize the way we use our laptops and if it progresses, it could change the electric vehicle.  The possibilities are quite great and if battery life is at least that of current Lithium ion batteries then this technology could lead to a much brighter future.  


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Plastic Logic to Unveil The Last Paper You’ll Ever Need


  Plastic Logic is set to release its new copy paper sized E-ink display.  While the video above demonstrates the new technology, the reader being shown will be for sale in the first half of the coming year.  There is no price yet, but the first device will be aimed for business use and gives the feel of a real newspaper.  


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