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Ferrari Gives Us Images & Ringtones For iPhone – 458 Italia


  Who doesn’t like Ferrari?  Yes there are some out there who are not fans, but they are few and far between.  With the upcoming release of the 458 Italia comes desktop wallpaper, a screensaver,  and ringtones for your iPhone.  While there is no doubt the 458 Italia is beautiful, most of us will never get the luxury of owning such an expensive vehicle.  If you would like to experience a little bit of it though you can head over to the Ferrari site and download ringtones for your iPhone and other mobile devices as well as Mac and PC.  Hopefully more companies will get it and give us the same downloads for their cars for us who love our cars.


[Ferrari 458 Italia]

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Do We Even Want Apple In The Game Console Market?


  Among all the rumors of upcoming products to be expected at WWDC, one we have heard on and off is that Apple is working on another console.  Apple had a sad attempt at the gaming console market years ago with the release or co-release of the Pippin from Bandai.  While they attempted to get into this saturated market back in the day when Sega Saturn and Playstations were all the rage, Apple never stood a chance with the lineup and partner.


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iPhone Components Begin Shipping To Manufacturer For June Launch


  At this point there is no doubt of a new iPhone, but the question remains regarding its release and changes to its already winning formula.  Digitimes reports:


"Taiwan-based handset component suppliers have begun shipping components and parts for the new iPhone that Apple is likely to launch in June, the Chinese-language Commercial Times has quoted sources at component suppliers as indicating."


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iPhone 3G Set to Outsell Original

 Apple is set to surpass the 6 million mark of the original iPhone in just a few short months.  The iPhone 3G is being built at a rate of 800,000 a week and quickly moving off of shelves.  This is no doubt in part to the price reduction and worldwide markets continuing to grow.  At Apple’s current pace they are set to sell upwards of 40 million iPhones this coming year.


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