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Apple Releases Their 17-inch Unibody MacBook Pro


  Apple is finally releasing the 17-inch version of their unibody MacBook.  The 17-inch MacBook Pro, is the .98 inches thin, 6.6 pounds, and is the world’s lightest and thinnest 17-inch notebook. There’s a 17-inch LED backlit display, 1920×1200. “This is the best display we’ve ever shipped in a notebook.” 700:1 contrast ratio, 60% greater color gamut than the previous 17-inch display.


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Commodore Now into Notebooks

  If you grew up with the Commodore or were lucky enough to have an Amiga, you probably have fond memories of the time spent with them.  Commodore has not been too mainstream for quite some time.  They have been making gaming pc’s and have slowly tried to regain the fame of their glory days.  


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Microsoft “Blue Track” Mouse in the wild

  The new notebook mouse from Microsoft has been found on Amazon.de ccording to Engadget.  The new mouse uses a blue LED with a wide angle lens which makes it more suitable for different surfaces.  The advantage is with battery life as LED’s use less power than the latest laser mice.  The mouse is nowhere to be found on Microsoft’s own website but was hinted at with a teaser "say goodbye to laser".

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