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iPad Top 10 Must-Have Apps

This year has brought quite a few Apps.  Here is our pick for the Top 10 Must Have iPad Apps for late 2013 going into 2014.  I mention some for News, Music, Finance, Games, and much more.  There are quite a few more apps we...

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Apple Introduces the iPad

  Apple shows us the iPad.  Details a bit sparse right now, but we have a name finally.

Update:  The device can use all apps from the app store using native resolution or pixel doubling.  The screen is 9.7inch ips display and has a capacitive touch screen.  The processor is a 1Ghz Apple A4 processor with the availability of 16gb,32gb and 64gb of internal storage.  It also has 102.11n Wifi with Bluetooth and 10 Hours of battery life.  All of this in a 1/2inch device.

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Apple Drops Its MacBook Price For Students

  Stundents in need of a new laptop are going to have one more reason to lean toward the MacBook.  Apple has dropped the price again for students on the new white, unibody MacBook to $899.  This is not a stripped down version of the MacBook, just a simple price drop for all the shiny goodness that is a Mac.  The cost prior to the drop was only 50 dollars more at $949, but every little bit helps when you are a broke college student.  


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DirecTV Launching New 3dHD Channel

  DIrecTV will soon be making an announcement regarding a whole new way to watch broadcast TV, in 3D.  The current lineup of Satellite Receievers the company makes available to its customers will support the new channel with a simple firmware upgrade.  The downside to this whole 3D push is that the channel will require you to purchase a new 3D capable TV.  There aren’t any details at this time, but we should head something more from CES on January 7th.

[via DViCE]

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