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Have You Tried Bing Yet?


  Most of us at this point have heard of Bing.  It is the next generation of Microsoft’s Live Search.   The ads are hard to miss as they are posted all over the internet (this site included), and on T.V. as well.  While most people may have passed it by and continued to use Google, it is interesting that I find myself using Bing for more specific searches.  The layout of Bing is familiar and they have a nice picture every day for their front page.  The search is not much different until you want to find something more specific such as a bookcase.  

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Apple Updates Quicktime To Allow External Displays On New MacBooks


  The other day we heard of a professor who could not play a movie which he purchased on iTunes via a projector output from a new MacBook.  This was due to an HDCP issue in Quicktime which disallowed him to output protected content through the new Mini DisplayPort on the updated MacBooks.  Apple has now fixed this issue with the Quicktime 7.5.7 Update. 


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OrbLive Lets You Stream TV To Your iPhone


  OrbLive just went live on the iTunes store.  This app allows you to stream media from your PC (Windows-Only), to your iPhone over 3G, Edge or WiFi.  You can stream any media such as videos, tv, and music from any Windows PC.  The app is $10 and you then need to jump over to Orb’s website and download the other half of the app.


[Download App]

[Orb Download Page]

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Safari 3.2 Update Released

  Apple has updated Safari this afternoon with security changes with which they do not fully disclose, but add security and phishing safety updates.  The update is available from software update or Apple’s download page.


"This update is recommended for all Safari users and features protection from fraudulent phishing websites and better identification of online businesses. This update also includes the latest security updates."


[Update Details]


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Apple Update: Digital Camera Raw Compatability 2.3


  Apple has just released an update for Digital Camera Raw Compatability version 2.3 for download.  You can get this via software update or the Apple download page.  The update shows the following:


This update extends RAW file compatibility for Aperture 2 and iPhoto ’08 for the following cameras:

Canon EOS 50D
Nikon D90
Sony DSLR-A900
Nikon Coolpix P6000
It also addresses issues related to specific cameras and overall stability.



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Google Gears 0.4 Releases



  Google Gears 0.4 was just released.  This is an update to the current project from Google which allows you to use applications normally accessible from the "cloud", directly on your desktop without a connection.  The application makes Google’s online service such as Google Documents function without having to connect to the internet.  


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