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Manage Your Passwords For Mac

If you are like me and have a lot of passwords to manage YPassword is for you.   YPassword offers the ability to have a master password and YPassword manages the rest of your passwords automatically after you type it once.  It is a very simple widget app that does general password management.  There are other solutions with more options but this one is Free.  Give it a try…

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Blurring the lines of Cloud Computing

I have been using Mozilla’s Prism for a few days. The program is really not much by itself, but it is the simplicity that makes its possibilities great. The idea behind Prism stems from blurring the lines of what you do in the cloud and running an application on your computer. Now, instead of going to (insert favorite web browser and typing an address and passwords), you open an app on your mac or pc just as you would for word, excel or anything else and get the same result without all the work. The setup is very easy and straight forward.

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