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It’s Official, Chrome OS Coming Second Half of 2010


  We knew it was coming and hoped for an early beta.  Either way we will be getting Chrome OS next year.  The operating system is like many suspected and meant to integrate seamlessly with the cloud.  The OS will integrate the suite of Google apps along with a very lightweight, open source platform.  The x86 and ARM platforms are both supported thus leading us to believe it could be on some very hand mobile devices.  Late 2010 or about a year from now we will be sure to try it out and let you know if it is worth the upgrade or change.

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Google Sync Comes To iPhone


Google has release a Mobile Sync program which allows you to backup and sync calenders and your address book.  The application is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.  See the video for details and the features below. 


If Google gives us a "Back to My Mac" solution and some decent online storage, then why pay for MobileMe? This could be a great thing, or maybe Google already has too much of our info.  What do you think?

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