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Waterfield Designs: iPhone/iPod Travel Case – Full Review

    When I received the iPhone Travel Case I did not think much of where it was designed or constructed as I would have assumed it to be like everything else these days and made in China.  When I opened the bag for the first time and noticed a postcard sized flyer packed with the case that said they were proud that they designed and constructed the iPhone Travel Case in San Francisco, I did a double-take.  Being a United States citizen and raised to be very patriotic, I could not help but notice the significants of being made in the USA.  The days of products m

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The Car Alarm For Your iPhone


  iFonProtect is for those people who trust their co-workers enough to leave their iPhone or iPod Touch on their desk when taking a mild bathroom break, but not enough to leave their goods unprotected.  iFonProtect uses the motion sensor of the iPhone or iPod Touch to detect movement. If someone decides to browse your goods while away, an alarm will sound if the set code is not entered in the alloted time.  


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