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Podcaster App Now on Cydia For Jailbroke iPhone


  The banned podcaster app can now be had via Cydia, the app installer for Jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touch.  The developer made this available today at the cost of $5.  So if you were unable to get it before, go and get it as it is the essential app for the iPhone/iPod Touch if you want podcasts on the go.



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Apple Gives iPhone 2.2 SDK to Developers


  A week or two after the release of the 2.1 firmware, Apple has released a 2.2 SDK.  The details are sparse at this point , but the beta SDK is out.  Any details we will be sure to let you know.  We could use more bug fixes and maybe some tethering as ell, oh and give us our podcaster app.



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No More Podcaster App Says Apple


  Apple today shut down the ability for developers to provision licenses to customers willing to pay outside the app store.  The Podcaster app (reviewed here) is a great app that should have been on the app store, but Apple disallowed it because it duplicated the function of downloading podcasts on iTunes. This statement from Apple is not true, as Podcaster let you download and search podcasts without connecting the iPhone or iPod touch to your computer.  


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