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Nexus One Official Pricing And Release

  As expected today, the Google Nexus One has finally been released for public consumption.  The specs are as expected with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7inch AMOLED display, GPS, compass, accelerometer, light and proximity sensor, 3.5mm headphone jack, 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash, and the familiar trackball, but with a colored LED presiding under it.  It also contains two microphones of which one is for talking, the other is for noise cancellation.  This is all bundled into a nice package running Android 2.1.

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Google’s Nexus One Gets Reviewed

  Google’s Nexus One has been the "next big thing" in Android for the past couple of weeks and is expected to be officially announced this week from Google at CES.  Unlike us, some lucky people who were able to get a Nexus One early have posted a full and lengthy review.  The smoothness of the UI compared to previous Android phones is quite a leap in the right direction.  Finally it appears Apple has some competition in the smart phone market.

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Nexus One Google Phone Gets Priced And Release Date

  The newest Android based phone to be of mass appeal is Google’s very own Nexus One.  The phone is set to launch on January 5th on what looks like T-Mobile.  Although none of this information is officially confirmed, the Nexus One will cost $179.99 with a 2-year contract or $529.99 without a contract.  Previous rumors had pegged the price at around $200 for a contract-free unsubsidized phone.  It appears Google will not be selling this phone for near to cost and is properly priced compared to the other Android phones on T-Mobile.

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Apple Drops Its MacBook Price For Students

  Stundents in need of a new laptop are going to have one more reason to lean toward the MacBook.  Apple has dropped the price again for students on the new white, unibody MacBook to $899.  This is not a stripped down version of the MacBook, just a simple price drop for all the shiny goodness that is a Mac.  The cost prior to the drop was only 50 dollars more at $949, but every little bit helps when you are a broke college student.  


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Apple Launches iTunes Movie Bundles

  Apple today has launched new movie bundles in iTunes.  You can now buy a couple or even three movies for one price.  For example, you can get the digital copies of The Godfather part one and two for $14.99.  There are other bundles for less and then there are also some triple bundles for $19.99 and up. It might be time to search the bargain bin of iTunes and finally get some deals when it comes to digital distribution.


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The Official Google Phone, Nexus One

  Most of us have seen this phone already for the past week, and especially when Engadget got its hands on the phone today.  The Nexus One does not differ much from other form factors of Android equipped phones we have seen up to this point.  While there is no HTC mark on it, the phone appears to be from HTC and matches the form factor and build quality of their other handsets.  The hardware remains a mystery as to the exact specs, but the Android 2.1 equipped Nexus One adds some tasty treats to the OS itself.  The app tray now benefits from 3D elements while there is a new added "Grid view" that allows you to see all home screen elements at once.  You also get more home screens for your shortcuts and widgets. 

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