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Apple Updates The Mac Pro With A 3.33GHz Processor And More Storage Options.

  Apple today has updated its Mac Pro line with a third option for processors.  You can now get a Quad-Core 3.33GHz Xeon processor as an option for your Mac Pro.  Also available today is the option to pick a 2TB drive for your storage needs as well.  What does all this speed and storage cost?  Expect to spend about $1200 for the upgrade in processor and $350 more for the storage bump.  

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Xserve Gets Updated To Nahalem


  After its surprise appearance on the Hong Kong Apple site, they have released the new Xserve.  The newest iteration of their server platform come with your choice of Quad-Core or 8-Core Nahalem processors, 3GB Ram and 160GB hard drive.  The new processors are more power efficient and offer some interesting specs when using all cores to their fullness.  Prices range from $2999 and $3599 and can be configured from there.



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Apple Finally Working With Adobe For Flash on The iPhone & iPod Touch


  At long last we have confirmation that Apple finally sees that one major deterring factor for their iPhone is the lack of Adobe’s Flash.  Apple has long claimed "the web in your pocket", which is only partially true, because half of the web uses flash to play media.  


Steve Jobs has said that Flash is too much for a mobile processor and Flash Lite does not deliver enough to satisfy the consumer.  Adobe’s Chief, Shantanu Narayen was recently quoted in an interview saying:


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New MacBook Air Now Shipping To Buyers


  Apple has started shipping out the new MacBook Air to its buyers.  The revision of the MacBook Air includes the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M as well as a choice of  1.6 or 1.86GHz processors.  People who have already received them are reporting they notice a noticable boost in performance due to the upgraded GPU, which takes a lot of the load off the CPU.  The MacBook Air is in a tough spot now that the new MacBook is even that much thinner.  It’s hard to justify the price difference as compared to the new MacBook considering specs and the new aluminum casing.  The MacBook Air has really become more of a niche product than even before.


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Intel Shipping Lower Voltage Eco-Friendly Xeon’s


  Intel today annouced it has began shipping its new Quad-Core 45nm halogen-free Intel® Xeon X5492, X5470 and L5430 processors.  The fastest of these processors run at 3.4GHz and the low voltage versions only use 12.5 watts of power per core.  The slightly faster x5270 uses 80 watts of power and runs at 3.5 GHz.  Prices begin at $562 dollars and increase up to $1172 for the fastest chipset.  



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Intel Now Releasing Macbook Air Processor for other Notebooks

 At the Intel Developer Forum Yesterday, Intel announced new, very small Centrino Processors for Notebook computers. The processors are a result of the reasearch and development done for the Macbook Air.  Per Arstechnica,   "Centrino processors will be used in both Lenovo’s X301 and HP’s 2530p."  "Both the SL9400 (1.8GHz) and the SL9300 (1.6GHz) use a 1066MHz FSB and carry 6MB of L2 cache. Intel is also introducing a pair of 10W processors: the SU9400 (1.4GHz) and SU9300 (1.2GHz). Both of these chips run on an 800MHz FSB and carry 3MB of L2 cache."  Its nice to see more trickle down affect on the overall computing world. Now if they could fit that into an iPhone we’ll be all set.


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