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Adobe Demoes Flash Games On WebOS With The Pre

  Some time ago now, Adobe had given a quick demo of Flash running on the WebOS platform using the Palm Pre.  A couple days ago they gave a new demo of a few Flash games from two different companies.  The Pre appears to be running the games fairly effortlessly while at the same time having a couple cards open.  Check out what Flash can do on the WebOS platform and what most likely will never come to iPhone.  See the video after the junp:

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Palm Getting Serious About Gaming

 Palm this afternoon announced some new partnerships and games for the WebOS platform.  The games showcased were from ,multiple developers including EA Mobile, and Gameloft to name a couple.  Thanks to the upcoming PDK, games such as The Sims 3, Need For Speed Undercover and X-Plane are all now available on WebOS devices via their app store.  Finally the capabilities of the WebOS platform are able to be used thanks to the new development software.  Hopefully Palm can be a serious competitor now to the iPhone and Android Platforms.

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